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5 tips to help choose the right smartphone for you


There's a lot of reasons to get a new phone. Maybe you want to upgrade to the latest tech. Maybe you're looking to add a line to your Verizon account because it's only $5. Maybe you remembered your phone was in your pocket after you jumped in a pool. Here is the lowdown on five things to look for. That way you can find the phone that's perfect for you.

Longer battery life means less time looking for outlets.

Phones with longer battery life will keep you from having to charge up as much. Let's say you upped your data with the new Verizon plan. You're going to want to use it more without having to sit by an outlet all day. Upgrade to a phone with a longer battery life. Some phones can go a couple of days without needing more power.

Water-resistant and shatterproof phones save you some headaches.

Water-resistant and shatterproof phones are becoming a lot more common. These are features that'll probably be standard on all phones at some point, but for now, look for ones that specifically mention being water-resistant and shatterproof. That'll save you from a little clumsiness or giant pools of water that sneak up out of nowhere.

Pick the right phone for better photos.

Another thing to think about is the phone's camera. Pick the right one and you'll notice a big difference in your photos. Even if you're just grabbing snapshots, you still want 'em to look good, right? Go with a phone that has at least a 12 megapixel camera. Some of them have wide-angle lenses. Built-in editing features. It's up to you how deep you want to dive into your artistic side.

Think about connecting to other devices you already own.

Now, before you pick a phone think about the devices you have right now and how they can connect. Let's say you already have an iPad. You've uploaded pictures of your adorable new niece to the iCloud. It makes sense to go with an Apple® device so you can access those chubby cheeks on your phone without having to transfer them over. That's just one example. Look around at what devices you use the most and factor that in to your decision.

Explore what your phone can do and expand the devices you use.

Once you get a new phone, expand your horizons. Check out other devices that can sync up to your phone. Smartwatches. Tablets. Gaming devices. There's a whole world of tech out there that can work with your new phone. And you can add lines or manage your whole account with the My Verizon App, so things just keep getting easier.

Alright, you're in-the-know on what should factor into your decision. Now all you have to do is click here to find the smartphone that fits your life.


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