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Verizon customers’ smartphone reviews

The reviews are in, and there's no holding back. These are the smartphones earning high marks.


"Gorgeous." "Fabulous." "Fantastic." Those are just a few words Verizon customers are using to describe their favorite phones.

Here’s more of what they had to say:

LG G4™

“Gorgeous camera and for all of you selfie takers, you get to enjoy an 8-megapixel camera! The speed of the hexacore processor and all that ram allows for multi, multi, multitasking!” — Boogyboogynights from North Mankota, Minnesota

“The camera quality is fabulous, especially in low-light situations. Wow, this has been a huge upgrade for the indoor pics I take. Very nice. I haven’t had a chance to play with all of the camera’s features, but that one thing is enough to make me jump for joy.” — DDF1230 from Louisiana

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Samsung Galaxy Note5

“I got this phone about 3 weeks ago and love it. The screen features are crystal clear and the colors just jump out!” — Dtaw from Mechanicsville, Virginia

“I always thought having a big-sized phone like the Note5 would make it very hard to use with just one hand. Contrary to that, I find it’s very easy to do so and with the option of reducing the screen size, typing with one hand becomes a walk in the park.” — PapaBear24586 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Samsung Galaxy S® 6

“Everyone is jealous of my phone when they see it. It looks fantastic and was so easy to set up the way I wanted it. I’m so glad I purchased it.” — KKMooch from Apex, North Carolina

“The Galaxy S 6 is by far the best smartphone I have ever had. It performs great, and I usually get a full day of battery life on a charge. I was also amazed at how clear the picture quality was, even from far distances.” — Peacemaker51 from Johnston, Rhode Island

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HTC One® M9

“I use video chat a lot, and the speakers on the front are great.” — Silfam3 from Medford, New York

“Great feel, awesome color quality and excellent ease of use. Adapts home screen icons to your current location and can be fully customized to meet whatever look you desire. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the amazing 20-megapixel camera!” — Fraker from Granite City, Illinois

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Microsoft Lumia 735

“Wasn’t sure how I’d like this phone but it is so easy to use. Everything is available to see at a glance. Love the Cortana feature. I use it to leave myself notes on things I think of while on the go.” — TStark from Rock Hill, South Carolina

“This is a great phone and the perfect size. Takes great pictures. The integration with One Drive and Windows 10 is great and so easy. You take a photo and within seconds you can view the photo on your PC.” — lancerr from Jackson, Mississippi

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