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How Apple just upped your emoji game with Animoji


The best use of Apple’s Face ID? It’s Animoji

A new feature in iOS 11 takes your emoji game to a whole new level—allowing users to animate their favorite emoji with their own facial expressions. 

Apple deemed the custom animated messages "Animoji," and it relies on the company's new Face ID facial recognition technology to transform emoji into something more. The feature promises to make texting that much more fun.

That chicken looks like you: 

Apple debuted Face ID in September. It replaces the Touch ID most iPhone users are familiar with, and is available with the iPhone X. The facial recognition technology allows users to unlock their phone, make purchases and authenticate Apple Pay transactions, all with a glance at their phone screen.

That's undoubtedly convenient. But the Internet lost its collective mind when Apple revealed that the same technology will also let you use your face to animate a dozen of its emojis. The feature includes a panda, fox, chicken and because people inevitably ask-yes, it also includes the poop.

The animated emoji feature comes as a pre-installed iMessage app on iOS 11. “It immediately begins to track your expressions,” Digital Trend reports. “By capturing and analyzing more than 50 facial muscle movements, Animoji will mirror when you smile, frown, laugh, and even raise an eyebrow.”

Fun made easy:

To use the Animoji app, users simply open the app in messenger, make an expression and then choose the emoji they want. Laughing cat? Done. Confused unicorn? You got it. Users can also add audio messages to their animoji. So that laughing cat can also meow in your voice.

If you don't like the result, don't worry. The app allows users to review their animoji in full screen mode and make edits before they send it along.

The lucky recipients receive a looping video in their iMessages. The Verge notes that “these look like they’ll be a lot of fun to send and receive,” and pretty much no one disagrees. But before you get too excited, it’s important to note: To receive an Animoji text, you must also be running iOS 11.

So do you need an iPhone X? 

La respuesta corta es sí. The iOS 11 operating system will work on many Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads. The updated system is worth checking out—it offers a whole slew of innovative features including augmented reality games and drag-and-drop features that let users touch and move text, photos and more.

Emojis do the heavy lifting of conveying more subtle emotions that can be lost in text. Animojis are most certainly the next step towards the future of text communication, where your own facial expressions can add even more emotion-and no doubt, fun-to your emojis.


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