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How to pick an international plan for your phone

Nothing dulls a vacation quicker than a cell phone that doesn’t work overseas.


Passport? Check. Sunscreen? Got it! Your travel planning is coming along, but don’t forget about an international plan that lets you use your phone in other countries.

How to determine if your phone will work outside the US

Start with Verizon’s Trip Planner. Enter your destination and the device you want to bring, and the planner will check compatibility and recommend international plan options. If your phone can’t be used overseas, don’t fret. Shop for a new World Device.

Opciones del plan internacional

Picking the right plan depends on how frequently you'll use your phone and how long you want to stay overseas. Here are the options:

TravelPass℠: Starting at just $5 a day per line, TravelPass lets you use your domestic voice, text and data plan while traveling to Mexico, Canada and beyond. If you’re headed to one of 130 other countries, you pay $10 a day per line. Either way, you’re only charged on the days you use your phone.

TravelPass is simple to activate. Add it from My Verizon and you’ll get a text message explaining the daily fee when you arrive. The first time you use your phone, the daily fee begins. Use your phone as much as you want for the next 24 hours. You’ll only get another TravelPass charge if you use your device again after the first 24 hours. Every 4G LTE World Device from Verizon (including smartphones, tablets, Verizon Jetpack and USB modems) with a qualifying domestic plan is eligible for TravelPass.

Just remember that your minutes, texts and data will count toward your regular plan. If you go over your plan allowance, you'll be charged overages based on your domestic plan.

Month-to-month plans: You can choose the Mexico and Canada plan or one that offers service in more than 140 countries. Month-to-month plans include a monthly fee for a certain amount of minutes, messages and data.

Pay as you go: With pay-as-you-go plans, you’re charged by the minute, message or data use. Cuba is among the countries covered in these plans, which is the first time a US-based wireless company has offered roaming there.

For cruises: Use your phone on more than 400 cruise ships with pay-as-you-go plans. Visit the Trip Planner and enter your ship or destination to check availability.


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