Checking credit on Verizon: A 4-step overview

Interested in Verizon as your wireless provider? Great. We would love to have you as one of our valued customers. Stay entertained and productive with the hottest smartphones and the latest in smart home, family tech and beyond. All with the benefits provided by the best network

Running your credit is built right into your shopping experience. Here's a brief overview of the simple process for checking your credit requirements on Verizon so you know what to expect.

1. Choose your device and options

The credit application process starts with browsing Verizon’s selection of smartphones, tablets or other devices and selecting the one that fits your lifestyle.

  • Add the new device to your cart.

  • Confirm your zip code and whether you are a new or existing customer.


  • Select from additional options like Total Mobile Protection and Apple Care (if applicable), or save on an accessory bundle for your new device. You may opt-in or out of each selection and then click Continue.

You’re on your way with just a few simple steps remaining. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be advised of the qualifying results for our Device Payment Program.


choosing your verizon plan

2. Pick a plan, options and enter information.

Get the best plan for you on the best network. Choose between our Unlimited Plans, Verizon Plans ranging from 2GB to 8GB or the new Verizon Plan Single Smartphone 5 GB. This new plan allows 5GB shared between one smartphone and two additional device types.

  • Add your plan and click Continue.

  • Review and confirm your selections from the previous screens.

  • Select Trade in your device (if applicable), add an accessory if desired and review your summary before clicking the Checkout button to move on.

Once on the Checkout screen, enter the necessary billing information (your name, email, address and phone number), opt-in or out of paper-free billing and conclude by entering your shipping address and choosing one of the delivery options.

3. Enter credit and payment information.

The information you enter is secure and your privacy is protected. Solo demorarás unos minutos en verificar tu crédito.

  • With qualifying results for our Device Payment Program, you will be directed to continue.

  • You may be routed to our Prepaid page for additional options or prompted to purchase the device at full retail price. Both allow you to experience and be part of the best network.

4. Agree, complete and confirm.

Once on the Phone and Agreement page you can confirm and complete process and soon have Verizon as your wireless provider of choice.  

  • Confirm address and select phone number desired; transfer existing or request new.

  • Accept Verizon’s terms and conditions and click Continue to the next step.

  • Complete the entire order by reviewing the summary for accuracy and clicking Complete your order.

Join America’s most awarded network.

So when you’re looking for an impressive selection of devices from major brands like Apple, Samsung or LG, or the hottest smart tech from Google, Nest and more, Verizon is your go-to source to keep you in the know while on the go or at home doing the things you love to do. All on the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network.

*Some buy-flow sequences shortened for the purposes of this content.

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