How to transfer Verizon internet service to your new address.

From moving into your home to finding TV and internet service, there's a lot for new homeowners and movers to consider. Moving doesn’t have to mean losing your favorite network, though. In fact, your new address may have an even faster home internet option, from blazing fast Fios to ultra-fast 5G. The first step in transferring your Verizon internet service? Check the internet availability for your address. 

Haz que tu vida sea más sencilla con estas sugerenicas para mudanzas.

Make a checklist.

List everything you need to tackle in order of importance and timing, such as transferring internet and utilities and finding moving companies.

Get a jumpstart.

Marca cosas de tu lista todos los días y empaca algunas cajas todas las semanas, asegurándote de etiquetarlas por habitación. Vende o dona cosas que ya no necesitas o deseas. Call your internet service provider to see what deals they provide in your new neighborhood.

Do your research.

Check out Verizon’s award-winning internet services available at your new address and shop for what's important to you. 

Find utilities by address before the big move.

Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or on your third property, making a utilities checklist can save you from forgetting something as important as power. Aquí hay una lista de servicios públicos con los que puede que desees comunicarte antes de tu gran mudanza:

  • Electricidad

  • Servicio de Internet, teléfono y TV

  • Gas natural, combustible o propano

  • Servicio público de agua

  • Recolección de basura y reciclaje

  • Sistema de seguridad residencial

Busca en internet compañías de servicios públicos y proveedores de internet en tu zona, y compara los servicios, planes y precios. Also, check the city and county's websites for information on setting up utilities. Make sure you schedule the installation at least two weeks prior to your move-in date.

Switching internet providers at your new address.

Moving means leaving familiar faces and places behind, but with a little planning, you can change internet service providers (ISPs) or transfer your existing service and still stay connected to your world.

Aquí tienes una guía útil para encontrar el proveedor de servicios de internet adecuado:

Paso 1: Define tus necesidades

¿Qué es lo que falta? ¿Velocidad, ancho de banda, confiabilidad?

Step 2: Calculate the savings of switching to Verizon

Check out our deals for movers and see what subscription services you could save money on.

Paso 3: Comprar un ISP

Search by address or zip code to find which home internet services are in your new area.

Paso 4: Haz el cambio

Pick your new internet plan and schedule an install.

Paso 5: Cancela el servicio actual

Contact your current internet service provider to deactivate service and return equipment.

If you want the fastest and most reliable internet available at your new home, check the availability of our  100% fiber-optic network or ultra-fast, ultra-simple 5G Home. Fios Gigabit Connection delivers incredible speeds up to 940/880 Mbps and bandwidth that can connect up to 100 devices at a time. Or, you may be in an area eligible for LTE Home Internet– broadband service based on our wireless 4G LTE network. 

Check availability to learn what home internet options are available in your area.

Sugerencias adicionales para mudarse a una casa nueva.

La preparación lo es todo. Here are a few key tips for curbing the stress of moving.

First, breathe and get some rest so you can deal with whatever comes your way. Start collecting boxes, old newspapers and packing tape weeks before your move. Hire moving pros if you can squeeze it into your budget and schedule 6 weeks in advance. Move during the week when it's not as busy or as expensive. And finally, ask for help from friends and family with anything that might lessen your load.

Para el momento de empacar, es muy probable que hayas revisado todo lo que deseas vender o donar. Ahora hay que crear un inventario de lo que queda para mudar y comenzar a empacar todos los artículos que no necesitarás de inmediato.

Here's a list of typical items: Extra bedding/linens, artwork/paintings, books/magazines, dinnerware and china for special occasions, anything from an extra room or guest room, and kitchen and all household items you rarely use.

This is up for debate, but internet is considered by many as an essential home service in today's digital world. Millones de hogares en todo EE. UU. utilizan un servicio de internet para alimentar su entretenimiento de TV, sistemas de seguridad, asistentes virtuales, dispositivos y más.

Normalmente el sitio web de tu pueblo o ciudad ofrecerán instrucciones acerca de establecer y desconectar servicios públicos en tu casa actual o nueva. If you're renting an apartment, your landlord is usually responsible for garbage, sewage and water. Revisa tu contrato de alquiler para ver los detalles.

As a general guideline, you will need to: Complete a service application/agreement; show proof of identity – a valid driver's license, passport, alien registration card, state-issued photo ID; provide proof of residency, such as mortgage papers, proof of ownership, lease or rental agreement; and submit a direct deposit authorization form.

Before you move into your new apartment, make sure to ask the landlord or broker about available internet services. Some questions you should ask include the following: Is internet available in the unit, or do tenants have to purchase their own internet plan from an ISP?; Is the apartment already wired for cable internet?; Can you get fiber internet, like Verizon Fios, in your apartment?; Is 5G available in your building? If so, is 5G Home Internet available in your unit?

Ask your landlord or broker these questions, then check internet availability at your address.