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Number Share FAQs

Share your smartphone's number with compatible smartwatches, Palm and other eligible connected devices using Number Share. Use one number to make and take calls, get app notifications and more on all your synced devices.

About Number Share

  1. ¿Qué es NumberShare?

    Number Share is a service that lets you use your mobile number on up to 5 connected devices. You can talk, text and get emails and notifications* on whatever device is at hand, even if you're away from your phone.

    Your smartphone's mobile number is the "host" and shares your number with your authorized and eligible connected devices.

    Number Share-capable devices don't require a separate app to share a number.

    *No todas las funciones están disponibles con todos los dispositivos anfitriones. Para usar solo con smartphones Android™ e iOS. Se aplican límites de dispositivos y líneas. Es posible que algunos servicios de Verizon de tu smartphone no funcionen con dispositivos conectados. Consulta nuestros términos de servicio para más detalles.

  2. Is my device eligible to use Number Share?

    Host device - The host device is your primary mobile phone. If you have an HD Voice-enabled smartphone on the Verizon wireless network, it can be used as a host device, which shares its mobile number with connected devices.

    Connected devices - The other devices that share your mobile number are called connected devices. The following are eligible connected devices:

    Pronto llegarán más dispositivos.


    • Apple Watch Series 5 requires an iPhone 6s or later with iOS 13 or later. Apple Watch Series 4 requires an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 12. Apple Watch Series 3 requires an iPhone 6 or later with iOS 11. Apple Watch can't act in standalone mode and must be paired with an iPhone.
    • Palm can't act in standalone mode and must be paired with a compatible smartphone.
    • Palm Phone can only act as your primary phone and can't be set up as a connected device on Number Share
    • Humx can receive incoming calls and place HD Voice calls to your 3 favorite contacts. It won’t receive message or app alerts.

  3. Which plans support Number Share?

    To share a number with Number Share, all of your devices must be on the same standard account* or business account with a shared data plan, like our Shared Data Plan – 5GB and Shared Data Plan – 10GB. Number Share uses your shared monthly data allowance to sync your devices.

    Note: Number Share can also be used on an account with unlimited plans, but your connected device must have a separate connected device plan.

    *Not available for prepaid or government accounts at this time.

  4. How much does Number Share cost?

    The Number Share line access charge for each wearable connected device and Palm is $10/month. If a connected device stops sharing with Number Share and gets its own mobile number, the line access charge is $10/month.*

    There's no additional fee for pairing or unpairing Humx on Number Share because your smartphone (host device) already includes a line access charge. Incoming calls through Humx depend on your host device's plan. However, calls answered on Humx are charged against the Humx line.

    *Charges are billed monthly and will appear on your bill. Cada llamada hecha y recibida se cobra como una llamada. Charges will increase if you switch from a sharing access charge to a standalone access charge, where a connected device can act in standalone mode, or if you transfer only your host line to another provider or person. There may also be charges and fees if you transfer your host and/or connected lines to another provider. Los cargos se facturan según el plan de precios de tu cuenta. A plan is required for calling and data for both the host smartphone and any connected devices. For wearable devices and Palm, data charges for messaging will apply if you are not on Wi-Fi or using Bluetooth® for both the connected device and the host smartphone. An international calling plan is required for each line (otherwise charges per minute apply while traveling internationally).

  5. How do I share a number with a connected device?

    When you buy or upgrade to a connected device that can be used as a Number Share device, you'll be asked what number you'd like to share during the purchase process.

    If you already have a connected device you want to set up:

    1. Go to the Manage Connected Devices page in My Verizon.

      Note: You must be an Account Owner or Account Manager to set up Number Share.

    2. Drag a connected device from the tray at the bottom of the screen to the line you want to share.

      Note: If you don't see your connected device at the bottom of the screen, you need to add the device to your account first.

    You've successfully shared your number with your connected device.

    Note: On the Manage Connected Devices page, you can also pair your host device with another existing number or move a connected device to another new or existing number.

  6. How many devices can I share?

    You can share up to 5 connected devices/lines for each host smartphone line. Existing account lines are limited to 10 phone lines (including smartphones, basic phones, and One Talk phones) and 30 total lines (including phone lines and connected device lines).


    • Some smartwatches can be used in standalone mode. It would then act as its own "line," which applies to the 10 line limit. However, if you're using Number Share, then it will be part of the 30 total line count (as a connected device).
    • Apple Watch and Palm aren't eligible for standalone mode and are limited to the 30 total line count (includes mobile and connected device lines). Palm Phone can only be used as a primary phone and can't be set up as a connected device on Number Share.
    • When using Number Share with Humx, the host smartphone will only pair with 1 Humx device. The Humx device paired with Number Share won't count toward the limit of 5 Number Share connected devices for that host device.

Set Up and Sharing

  1. How do I set up my connected device?

    Select a connected device below to see device-specific setup instructions:

    Note: After you save a contact in the Humx app, the Number Share icon will appear on the Humx speaker display. You can tap the Number Share icon and scroll through your contacts.

  2. I paired my Samsung Gear S3 before activating it on the Verizon network. How do I connect my Gear S3 to the Verizon network?

    You'll need to turn off Bluetooth on your smartphone. This will allow your Gear S3 to connect to the Verizon 4G LTE network.

    Note: It could take up to 45 seconds before the Gear S3 can connect to the Verizon 4G LTE network once it disconnects from your smartphone.

  3. Will Number Share still work with my devices if I'm traveling internationally?

    No, Number Share won't work when you're traveling internationally, but the host device will continue to work. Visit our Trip Planner to determine if your phone will work in a specific country and get more information about coverage and pricing options.

    Currently, the connected device only works on the shared number if it's connected to the Verizon wireless network or paired with the host device through Bluetooth.

    For more information about international travel, visit the International Travel FAQs.

    An international calling plan is required for each line (otherwise charges per minute apply while traveling internationally).

  4. What happens if I suspend service on a Number Share line?

    When you suspend the host smartphone line, Number Share service suspends all shared devices.

    When suspending a connected device, the host smartphone (and any other connected devices sharing that host line) will still have service.

  5. What Verizon services are incompatible with my Number Share connected devices?

    Some of your smartphone's features won't work on your connected devices. These features include:

    • Verizon Smart Family™ - For example, if you placed call restrictions for your child's host device, the child will be able to send and receive calls despite those restrictions on any connected devices made available to the child.
    • Transferencia de llamadas
    • Voicemail - You can access voicemail from your connected device by calling your host smartphone number and PIN.
    • Call Filter
    • Call and message blocking - Calls and messages to and from blocked contacts won't be blocked on the connected device when sharing with the host smartphone.

  6. How do I stop sharing my number with a connected device?

    You can deactivate the Number Share feature at any time (higher charges may apply).

    If you deactivate the host line, all connected device lines must:

    • Be deactivated
    • Be moved to another Number Share host line
    • Operate independently if applicable (as a standalone which will involve a line access charge increase)

      Note: Extra fees will apply if a connected device operates in standalone mode.

    To stop sharing a connected device with Number Share:

    1. Go to the Manage Connected Devices page in My Verizon.

      Note: You must be an Account Owner or Account Manager to manage Number Share.
    2. Drag the connected device to the tray at the bottom of the screen.

      Note: You can also drag the connected device to another line to have it share that line's number.

    Your device will now operate with an independent number and will incur a $10/month line access charge. You've successfully stopped sharing your number with a device.

    Note: Apple Watch and Palm can't operate in standalone mode. They must be paired with a compatible smartphone.

  7. Are there other ways to share my Verizon wireless number between devices?

    Yes, you can share your Verizon wireless number with non-Number Share devices, like tablets and non-Verizon devices, using Verizon Messages (Message+). However, you don't need to use the Message+ app when the devices are Number Share-capable.

    Eligible Apple® users can share a number with iOS Support of Single Phone Number for Multiple Devices. Learn more at our HD Voice FAQs.

Using Your Connected Device

  1. What happens if I move in or out of Bluetooth range during a call?

    Moving in and out of Bluetooth range of your host phone while on a call on the connected device will cause the call to fall back to the host device. For now, if you're going out without the host device, you'll want to wait until you're out of range before you make a call from your connected device.

  2. Can I use a Bluetooth headset when sharing a number?

    Yes, you can use a Bluetooth headset with Palm.

    You can also use Bluetooth headsets with other connected devices, but we don't recommend it. Using a Bluetooth headset with other connected devices may interfere with communication between your connected device and the host device.

    Palm doesn't pair with your host device through Bluetooth. So you can use a Bluetooth headset without worrying about interference.

  3. Can I call the connected device's phone number that's listed on my bill?

    No, once Number Share is activated on your account, the number listed on your bill is blocked and won't work. The connected device will only receive calls when the shared host phone number is called.

  4. Can I receive text messages or other notifications on my Humx when I pair it with Number Share?

    No, Number Share with Humx is only for voice calls, and doesn't include messages or app alerts.

  5. How do 911 calls work with Number Share connected devices?

    If you call emergency 911 from a connected device (e.g., a connected watch), you'll be able to receive the 911 call back from emergency responders, but only on the connected device.

    You can make a 911 call on Number Share connected devices whenever you have a cellular connection. Calls to 911 are routed and answered according to guidelines set by local public safety officials in your area. 9ll calls should only be used for true emergencies.

    Emergency 911 calls operate differently if a connected device is Wi-Fi Calling-enabled, you are outside of cellular coverage and only Wi-Fi is available. If you plan to have only your connected device (such as a Number Share-enabled watch) without taking your paired host phone along, you should update your 911 US address on your paired phone based on where you will be located. This is the location that will be given to emergency services when you call 911 from the connected device (e.g., your watch). You can go to your phone's Settings and change your 911 address at any time.

    Proporcionamos información de ubicación mejorada a los receptores de las llamadas de emergencia, pero no podemos garantizar tu ubicación exacta. Mobile phones/devices are affected by the environment. Factors such as weather, terrain and buildings may affect mobile service and the ability to calculate the caller's location, particularly for 911 calls placed indoors. If possible you should always tell the emergency call taker your location.

    Number Share cannot be used to support 911 calls over TTY devices. Alternative accessible means of reaching 911 include: (1) using a TTY or captioned telephone service directly from a cellular or landline telephone; (2) sending a text message to 911 (in areas where text-to-911 is available); or (3) using IP-based relay services, such as IP captioned telephone service or IP Relay from a wireless or landline data connection.

    For more information, visit our E911 Compliance FAQs.

Solución de problemas

  1. I can't make or take calls on my connected device. ¿Qué debería hacer?

    If you're unable to make or receive calls, try the following steps to fix the issue:

    1. Be sure the device you want to use is powered on.
    2. Turn both devices off and on.
    3. Go to the Manage Connected Devices page in My Verizon and verify your connected device is appearing next to your host device, which means Number Share is set up correctly between your devices. If not, follow the steps to set up Number Share.

    Once you complete these steps, try making an outgoing call from the device. When the device that you called starts ringing, it should show the shared number.

    Then try making an incoming call to the shared number from another device. All the devices that are connected to the network for that shared number should ring.

  2. What should I check if Gear S3 messaging doesn't seem to be working properly on the shared number?

    If your messaging isn't working, follow the steps in our Troubleshooting Assistant to find a solution.

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