Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max (usado certificado)

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Conoce el iPhone 12 Pro Max usado certificado (reacondicionado). Velocidad 5G.¹,³ A14 Bionic, el chip más rápido en un smartphone. Y un sistema de cámaras Pro optimizado para tomar fotos con poca luz.


Calificación 2.8 de 5


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Worst phone I’ve over owned

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wendymg · 5 días hace

I bought this phone brand new, not refurbished. It's absolutely by far the worst phone I've ever owned. I'm just miserable with it and no one will help. Not Apple, Not Verizon. I can't get a signal anywhere for the life of me. My service with this phone is so spotty it's a crap shoot if I can get a connection. You say well that could be bad service area. Nope, my husbands Samsung is streaming along without a hiccup. It loads blank pages, loads gray pages, loads half loaded pages. And sometimes is just times out and page can't be displayed. At work I have to restart my phone at least once an hour just to listen to music because it literally loses any single at all, literally I just have the tiny dots at the top where the LTE would be displayed. I'm furious. I still owe 12 months on this but I can't do it anymore. Someone at Verizon or Apple needs to make this right.

LOVE my 12 max pro

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Jeff · 14 días hace

Sí, recomendaría este producto.

My wife and I got the iPhone 12 Pro max at the same time. Absolutely no complaints with the camera, battery life or reception! I'm medically retired and spend a LOT of my day on my phone playing poker and chatting with Instagram friends… The ONLY trouble I've had is talking to my parents on the weekend. I put it on speaker so my wife can be in the conversation- if my parents get their landline phones too close the feedback is tuff. The thing that disappoints me is that Apple discontinued this phone, my suspicion is that they just want to upsell to the 13 & soon to be 14. My 32 yr old son is FINALLY ready to leave the android world for Apple….You can still buy new 8's through 11's but not 12's? That's just wrong!

1. 5G Ultra Wideband disponible solo en ciertos lugares de ciudades selectas. 5G Nationwide disponible en más de 2,700 ciudades.
2. La afirmación se basa en la comparación de la parte frontal de Ceramic Shield del iPhone 12 y iPhone 12 Pro con respecto a la generación anterior de iPhone.
3. Se requiere un plan de datos. 5G y LTE disponibles en ciertos mercados y a través de ciertos proveedores de servicio. Las velocidades se basan en una transmisión teórica y varían según las condiciones del sitio y del proveedor de servicios. Para obtener detalles de la compatibilidad con 5G y LTE, contacta a tu proveedor y consulta
4. Requiere un Apple TV o un televisor habilitado para AirPlay.