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5G Home Internet Receiver How to Use Guide

Learn how to setup and understand your 5G Home Internet Receiver.


LED Light Guide

    Refer to the table below to understand what the different LED colors and patterns mean.

    Mode Color Significado
    Instalación Blanco fijo Receiver is on
    Instalación Blanco parpadeante Receiver is activating/installing
    Instalación Fast Blinking White (for 2 seconds) The receiver will reboot
    Regular Usage Solid White (for 30 seconds) Receiver is paired to the router. After 30 seconds, the light will remain off until the status changes
    Regular Usage Fast blinking white Firmware update is in progress
    Regular Usage Hard blinking red Receiver has hardware/software issues, e.g., the ODU is broken, firmware is faulty, or 5G connection has been lost.
    Regular Usage No LED 5G signal is being received

Installing the 5G Home Receiver

    To install your 5G Home Internet receiver there are 4 main steps. Select an option below to view instructions.
    Power up the receiver

    The receiver consists of three components: outdoor receiver (ODU), indoor receiver (IDU) and the cradle on which the receivers are mounted.

    1. Remove the decoration cover and make sure that the USB cable and DC cable are properly plugged in. Important: Hold/place the cradle so that the IDU always faces inside, towards you.
    2. Press the battery power button under the cradle to enable battery power, and then check the battery LED on the bottom of the cradle.
    3. If the battery LED is not green, unplug the cradle's DC cable. Plug in the AC adapter to charge the battery till the LED turns green, then unplug the AC adapter and plug the DC cable back to the cradle.

    Find the best location

    1. Once you've powered the receiver on, it will enter installation mode by default.
    2. Download the My Verizon app to your smartphone and connect to the receiver via Bluetooth.

      The My Verizon app is available for download from the Apple® App Store® and Google™ Play Store.
    3. At the chosen location, please hold/place the cradle in such a way that the IDU always faces inside (towards you).
    4. Follow the instructions in the My Verizon app to find the best location.

    Window installation

    1. Use the window wipes provided to clean both sides of the window at the chosen location.
    2. Remove the cable covers from the front and back of the cradle.
    3. Unplug the power and USB cable from IDU, then unload the ODU and IDU.
    4. Mount the IDU and ODU at the window.

    Please contact your local dealer if the window bracket is defective and won’t adhere properly.

    Warning: Magnets in the window brackets can be harmful to pacemaker wearers and others with medical implants. Keep magnetic media such as computer disks, credit cards and tapes away to avoid damage. Failure to heed this warning can result in serious injury.

    Connect to the 5G Home Router

    Connect via Wi-Fi

    1. Press the pairing button on the receiver once to start WPS pairing with the router.
    2. Press and hold down the multi-purpose Pairing Button on the Verizon 5G Home Router. The router will start WPS pairing as a client.

      Note: Please note that the Wi-Fi connection between the receiver and the router is only possible with the Verizon 5G Home Router. If you are using your own router, please connect it with an Ethernet cable.

    Connect using an Ethernet cable

    Connect an Ethernet cable between the IDU and WAN port of the router.