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Mobile Broadband FAQs

This page explains our Mobile Broadband service, how to use it and ways to troubleshoot your service.

Información general

  1. What is Mobile Broadband?

    Mobile Broadband provides high-speed internet access to data-only devices through the Verizon Wireless network. Use Mobile Broadband to access the internet through a computer, laptop, tablet or any other compatible data-only device, including a USB modem, Verizon Jetpack® and mobile hotspot.

  2. What Mobile Broadband plans are currently available?

    You can choose from standard or prepaid data only plans currently available:

    • Standard data only plan - Share data across your devices, and switch sizes at any time. Choose from a little data or a lot to suit your needs.

    • Prepaid plans - These plans don't require a long-term contract. Choose a monthly high-speed data allowance to fit your needs. If you use all your high-speed data, you can stay online with 2G speeds (up to 128 kbps) or purchase additional high-speed data anytime.

  3. Do I need to subscribe to an internet service provider to use Mobile Broadband?

    No, Mobile Broadband provides complete internet access and a separate internet service provider account isn't necessary.

  4. ¿Qué dispositivos de Broadband Móvil están disponibles?

    Mobile Broadband service is currently available with:

  5. ¿Puedo usar un dispositivo para Broadband Móvil que compré en otro lugar que no sea Verizon Wireless?

    Yes, you can use any Mobile Broadband device that's been certified by Verizon Wireless as compatible with our network, including devices not purchased directly from Verizon Wireless.

    If you didn't purchase your device from Verizon Wireless, please be aware that certification of a device for use on the Verizon Wireless network doesn't mean that Verizon Wireless has made any determination as to the function, call quality or other functionality provided by the device. El proveedor del dispositivo es el único responsable por las representaciones de funciones, funcionalidad, precio y acuerdos de servicio del dispositivo. Verizon Wireless no garantiza de ningún modo que el dispositivo certificado: (a) funcionará o funcionará sin error en la red (incluida la red de cualquier otro proveedor que acceda cuando esté fuera del área de cobertura o que acceda de algún otro modo), o con productos y servicios de Verizon Wireless disponibles; (b) funcionará sin la necesidad de actualizaciones o modificaciones periódicas en el dispositivo certificado; (c) funcionará de manera indefinida en la red; (d) no estará sujeto a interrupciones debido a regulaciones gubernamentales, capacidad del sistema, limitaciones de cobertura, interferencia de señal de radio u otras anomalías; o (e) no recibirá efectos adversos por modificaciones, actualizaciones o actividad similar relacionadas con la red. También, deberá comunicarse con el proveedor del dispositivo a quien se lo compró para realizar preguntas sobre su funcionamiento y capacidades. Es posible que los representantes de Verizon Wireless no estén disponibles para solucionar problemas operativos con dispositivos no comprados en Verizon Wireless.

  6. Does Mobile Broadband work with IP Sec and existing VPN solutions?

    Yes, your VPN product should treat the Mobile Broadband data network exactly as it treats the internet. However, we recommend testing your specific VPN over the Mobile Broadband network before you deploy the service. Our national data sales team, in conjunction with system engineers and data solutions managers, works with customers and VPN providers to enable secure, wireless access to their VPN over our Mobile Broadband network. Your Verizon Wireless Customer Service Representative can provide additional information on VPN access over the Verizon Wireless networks. Verizon Wireless Data Sales Engineers are also available to meet with your corporate IT group to answer any questions and ensure a smooth implementation. For additional information, contact a sales rep.

  7. ¿Cómo instalo un nuevo dispositivo para Broadband Móvil en mi computadora?

    Nuestros dispositivos para Broadband Móvil vienen con un CD de instalación de software que te ayudará a instalar los controladores y el software necesarios en tu computadora. After installation, there will be a few automated steps to activate the device, and then you'll be ready to start browsing.

    Activate your Phone or Device

  8. I'm already a Verizon Wireless customer. ¿Necesito un número de móvil nuevo para el dispositivo de data para broadband móvil, o puedo usar mi número telefónico actual?

    Deberás agregar un número de móvil adicional a tu cuenta para los dispositivos de data. The data devices have their own mobile number and Device ID, just like a mobile phone.

Using Mobile Broadband

  1. How important is signal strength when using Mobile Broadband?

    The stronger the signal strength (found on the bottom-left corner of VZ Access Manager), the more likely it is you'll receive the highest speeds available on our network. If you're using Mobile Broadband inside a building, locate yourself close to a window or purchase an extended antenna for select devices. These solutions will provide the best speeds.

  2. When I use a Verizon Jetpack or Mobile Hotspot, will the data used by the connected devices count toward the data allowance for the Verizon Jetpack or Mobile Hotspot?

    Yes, the data used by all the devices connected to your Verizon Jetpack or Mobile Hotspot will count toward the data allowance for the Jetpack or hotspot.

  3. ¿Cómo puedo verificar el uso de data de mi dispositivo con broadband móvil?

    Puedes verificar el uso de data mensual no facturado de tu dispositivo para Broadband Móvil a través de las siguientes opciones:

    • My Verizon app - Open the My Verizon app on your mobile device and your usage will be displayed on the main page.

    • Online - Refer to the usage meters in the My Plan section of the My Verizon page.

      Note: For business accounts, you can check usage in My Business Account or Verizon Enterprise Center.

    • In VZAccess® Manager - Click the Usage tab. Learn more about VZ Access Manager.

    • By phone - Call #DATA (#3282) from your Verizon Wireless mobile phone and follow the prompts to hear your usage.

      Nota: Debes tener disponible tu número de móvil de tu dispositivo para Broadband Móvil para verificar el uso.

  4. What activities, apps and services are likely to cause high data usage?

    Some of the apps or activities that may lead to high data usage are:

    • Streaming videos or music
    • Uploading and downloading photos or large files
    • Apps that sync regularly or run in the background
    • Apps that require a continuous internet connection
    • Online games

  5. Will I get a message when my Mobile Broadband data usage approaches my limit?

    Yes, we send text messages to your Mobile Broadband device, which you can view by selecting the Text Messaging tab in VZAccess Manager. These messages will appear when you have 50%, 25%, 10% and 0% of your monthly data allowance left.

    However, until the beginning of your first full bill cycle for your Mobile Broadband service, there is a time lag of up to 8 hours between the end of a data session and the point at which your data usage for that session is applied to your account. Therefore, it's possible that you may exceed your usage allowance before receiving a text message.

    If you want to set different thresholds and/or specify the phone numbers and email addresses where alerts will be sent, you can do this on the Usage Alerts page in My Verizon.

    Note: If you have a business account, you can manage your alerts in My Business Account or Verizon Enterprise Center.

  6. Do operating system or software updates count towards my Mobile Broadband data allowance?

    Yes, downloads for OS updates, antivirus and other software updates will count toward your data allowance. Es posible que desees cambiar la configuración de tu dispositivo, por lo que dichas actualizaciones no se descargarán automáticamente hasta que las autorices.

4G LTE Service

  1. What is 4G LTE Mobile Broadband?

    Broadband móvil 4G LTE es un tipo de acceso a Internet de alta velocidad que te permite usar dispositivos solo de data en nuestra red wireless 4G LTE. XLTE is of the next advancement of our 4G LTE network. It doubles our 4G LTE bandwidth in cities nationwide. For more information about XLTE and 4G LTE, visit our Network Coverage page.

    Refer to our coverage map to see where 4G LTE service is available.

  2. Where is 4G LTE Mobile Broadband service available?

    Broadband móvil 4G LTE está disponible en ciudades y pueblos de todo los EE. UU. To see current availability in your area, check the coverage map.

    Additionally, our 4G LTE devices provide connectivity to our existing 3G network, available in thousands of cities and towns across the US.

  3. What computer operating systems are compatible with 4G LTE Mobile Broadband?

    4G LTE Mobile Broadband service currently supports:

    • Windows®
      • 8.1
      • 8
      • 7
      • XP®
      • Vista®
    • Mac® OSX
      • 10.9
      • 10.8
      • 10.7
      • 10.6
      • 10.5
      • 10.4.7

    Plus, we're always working to add new operating systems that support Mobile Broadband. For the latest information, please visit our VZAccess Manager website.

  4. ¿Mi dispositivo 4G LTE funcionará en la red 3G?

    Sí, nuestros dispositivos 4G LTE son compatibles con nuestra red 3G. So even if you travel to an area without 4G LTE coverage, you may still be able to access the Internet through our 3G network.

Mobile Broadband Built-in

  1. What is Mobile Broadband Built-in?

    With Mobile Broadband Built-in, your laptop, tablet or IoT device includes all of the necessary hardware and software required to connect to our network, allowing you to be more efficient on-the-go with minimal hassle. You don't need to carry around a card, hotspot or some other device to connect to our network.

  2. How can I tell if my laptop or tablet has Mobile Broadband Built-in?

    To see if your device has Mobile Broadband built-in, visit our Bring Your Own Device page. Choose whether you are a Verizon customer, then enter the requested information.

  3. How do I set up my laptop or tablet to connect to the Verizon Wireless network?

    To connect your laptop or tablet to our network:

    1. Make sure you have a Verizon Wireless SIM card inserted in your laptop or tablet. If you're not sure the SIM card is inserted in your device, you can find instructions for inserting your device's SIM card by referring to your device's User Guide.

    2. If you didn't set up service when you purchased your device, you can do so from your laptop or tablet:

      1. Disconnect from any Wi-Fi connections.
      2. Connect to the Verizon 4G LTE Network using your device's network settings. Refer to your device's User Guide for help with this.
      3. Open your internet browser and navigate to You'll automatically be taken to the account activation page to set up service.

    You've successfully completed the steps to connect your device to our network.

    Note: You may need to complete further steps to connect your device to our network. Refer to your device's User Guide for help.

Solución de problemas

  1. I'm having trouble connecting to the network with my netbook. Do I have to turn anything else on when using the Mobile Broadband service?

    On some models of netbooks purchased from Verizon Wireless, make sure that the power switch (if any) for the embedded wireless card is in the "on" position. You'll also need to launch VZAccess Manager on your netbook.

    If you purchased your netbook elsewhere, be sure to check the power switch for the embedded wireless card (if any). Please be advised, some netbook vendors use connection manager software other than VZAccess Manager. If you purchased your netbook elsewhere, please refer to vendor activation instructions.

  2. ¿Por qué no puedo enviar correos electrónicos a través de la cuenta de correo electrónico de mi proveedor de servicio de Internet existente al usar broadband móvil?

    Some ISPs (Internet Service Providers) require their customers to authenticate before sending email from other networks, such as our network. Please contact your email service provider for assistance in configuring your mail client.

  3. The computer doesn't detect my Mobile Broadband device. ¿Qué debería hacer?

    There are several possible resolutions.

    Issue   Resolution
    Physical Connectivity  
    • Para tarjetas de PC: asegúrate de insertar completamente la tarjeta en la ranura para tarjetas de PC. Retírala y vuelve a insertarla de ser necesario. Try another PC Card slot on the computer (if available).
    • Para módems USB: asegúrate de insertar completamente el módem en el puerto USB. Prueba otro puerto USB en la computadora (si está disponible).
    • Es posible que las PC portátiles con dispositivos con banda ancha móvil integrada tengan un interruptor de encendido/apagado. Además del interruptor, es posible que tu PC portátil venga con un software para activar/desactivar el dispositivo de banda ancha móvil. Please refer to your laptop's User Guide for the location of the physical switch and/or software used to control the embedded Mobile Broadband device.
    Drivers may not be installed or were installed incorrectly   Las unidades y el software de conexión para la tarjeta de PC, el módem USB o el dispositivo de banda ancha móvil integrado deben estar instalados antes de ser usados por primera vez.
    • If the PC Card or USB Modem was inserted before driver and software installation, unplug it and then remove the drivers through Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Reboot the computer, and then reinstall the drivers prior to re-inserting the PC Card or USB Modem.
    • En las PC portátiles con dispositivos de banda ancha móvil integrada, apaga el dispositivo. Remove the drivers through Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Reinicia la computadora y luego reinstala los controladores antes de encender el dispositivo.
    Note: Your device drivers and connection software may be found on VZAccess
    Manager's website
    . También puedes encontrar el software en el CD incluido con tu dispositivo.
    Otro programa u dispositivo puede estar usando el puerto  
    • Verify that there are no programs running that use the same COM port resources as the modem.
    • If so, exit or close the program and retry. Examples of such programs include: HotSync, ActiveSync®, FoneSync, Fax Controller, etc.
    Windows Update or Service Pack issues  
    • The computer should have the latest service pack and/or updates from Microsoft Windows Update.
    • Visit Windows website to determine if your system requires updating.

  4. My Mobile Broadband connection seems very slow. How can I improve it?

    There are several possible resolutions.

    Issue   Resolution
    You may be in an area that only has 3G coverage   If your device has 4G LTE Mobile Broadband capabilities (EVDO), you will achieve Mobile Broadband speeds within the 4G LTE Mobile Broadband coverage area. Cuando estés en un área que no ofrezca servicios de Broadband Móvil 4G LTE, tu dispositivo se conectará perfectamente a la red 3G (si está disponible). Cuando se conecte a nuestra red 3G, tu conexión no tendrá la misma velocidad y transmisión que con 4G LTE.
    Signal Strength  
    • La señal baja en tu dispositivo disminuye la velocidad de conexión.
    • Si estás experimentando una intensidad de señal débil, intenta moverte a otra ubicación.
    • Asegúrate de que la antena esté completamente extendida (si corresponde).
    • Also refer to our coverage map to determine the level of coverage in your current location.
    You've gone into Safety Mode
    • Check My Verizon to see if you've used all of your data allowance for the month and gone into Safety Mode.
    • If you have gone into Safety Mode, you can purchase a Data Boost to get back to 4G LTE speeds.

  5. I was able to connect my Mobile Broadband device, but I'm getting the error message "Page cannot be displayed." ¿Qué debería hacer?

    There are several possible resolutions.

    Issue   Resolution
    A firewall or internet security may be interfering  
    1. Prueba desactivar tu barrera de protección (firewall) temporalmente para solucionar los problemas. Sometimes a firewall or security program isn't properly configured, and changes must be made to the program to allow the mobile network connection.
    2. If disabling the firewall or security program allows you to browse web pages, then contact the maker of the program for further configuration support. Windows XP Service Pack 2 incluye una barrera de protección (firewall) integrada. You can disable this for troubleshooting purposes through the Control Panel > Windows Firewall.
    Es posible que tu navegador de Internet no esté configurado correctamente  
    1. Your browser may be set to connect through a proxy or configured to use a specific connection other than the mobile connection.
    2. Check your internet settings under Control Panel > Internet Settings. Visit our Troubleshooting Assistant more information.

  6. ¿Por qué recibo los siguientes errores relacionados con mi dispositivo de broadband móvil: "Data Link terminated by remote machine" o "PPP link control protocol was terminated by the remote computer"?

    These errors are usually caused by a data provisioning issue. Click the Chat with us button at the bottom right corner of this page to contact one of our representatives if you encounter either of these error messages when trying to connect.

Sistema telefónico automatizado 24/7: llama al *611 desde tu móvil