People from all walks of life are using cloud storage in a variety of ways.

When keeping important files safe from the ravages of tech-era terrors like device damage and wiped hard drives, you can't go wrong with cloud storage, a virtual vault that lets you save documents, photos and more online.

These days, everyone from parents to business professionals are using the cloud in a variety of ways - some of which may surprise you.

For shutterbugs

Zack and Sarah May automatically upload pictures to the cloud from their phones so they can both access them just about anywhere.

Zack says he constantly uses it for shared folders at work or with photography.

He also stores his password database on the cloud so he can retrieve it from an computer or smartphone.

Sarah adds: "Zack connects everything on a cloud floating around somewhere that I still don't understand, while I am very thankful that my pictures magically appear on places that are useful."

For students

For Calvin York, a high school student, using the cloud is just part of his day. It's "a lifesaver during the school year," he says. "I can pull up anything anywhere just by typing my email address into a computer. It helps for when I forgot to print something at home; I just go to the computer lab and print it there. Their mobile app is also very helpful."

For the business-savvy

Stephen Cann, a small-business professional, frequently uses the cloud to save random files from email, the web and work.

"I find it useful to dump things in that I find interesting and want to come back to later, or things that I need to access from multiple devices such as plane tickets, especially if I'm not able to be on my home computer initially," he says.

The feature Cann finds most useful? Wireless printing. He uses the cloud to send jobs to his home printer, whether it's a recipe he wants to print from his kitchen or a document that he needs to pick up when he gets home later.

For entrepreneurs

Chadwyck Cobb, an entrepreneur, uses the cloud to stay connected with others from afar.

Cobb believes his company could not exist without the cloud, which he uses to share all kinds of start-up related files with his remote business partners.

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