Designing your home is no longer limited to paint, furniture, pictures and other whatnots. With Philips Hue products, you can decorate your home with your choice of colored lighting.

The Philips Hue family of products helps you set the right mood, whether it’s softening the room’s light for a romantic dinner or brightening things up to help you and your family get going in the morning.

Cada producto te permite usar tu dispositivo compatible con Android™ o iOS para crear y controlar un diseño de iluminación basado en cualquiera de los 16 millones de colores entre los que podrás elegir.

The easiest way to get started is with the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 Starter Kit, which includes three Hue bulbs and a wireless bridge, which you’ll need to control each of your Philips Hue products.

Screw the Hue bulbs into your existing standard light bulb sockets and hook up the wireless bridge to your router. Luego, utiliza la aplicación de Philips Hue para elegir el color de la iluminación, o imita los colores de tu fotografía favorita en tu dispositivo. You can also select a color scheme from a variety of preset "recipes," such as beach, relax, blue rain or deep sea.

Decorate with accent lights

Want to highlight a specific picture or spruce up a floating shelf? Try Philips Hue LightStrip Plus, flexible 6.5-foot strips with LED technology that stick to solid surfaces. They can be bent and shaped at your will, making it easy to add colorful light throughout your home. They can even be cut to size.

Accent beneath the coffee table, around your kitchen cabinets or up the stairs. Add lights along shelves, beneath a TV or around a picture. For extra length, try the Philips LightStrip Plus Extension, which can be used to extend your LightStrip to 33 feet.

Want a more versatile accent lamp? The Philips Hue Go smoothly blends into your home. Plug into a standard wall outlet and use on-product controls to create soft pastel tones and beautiful saturated colors for decorative highlighting or wall washing. Or unplug it to use it as a portable light centerpiece. When unplugged, Hue Go is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and controlled with the app for the full connected light experience.

Both the LightStrips and the Hue Go require the wireless bridge, which comes with any Hue starter kit or can be purchased separately.

Control desde tu smartphone o tablet 

All Hue products connect to your home's Wi-Fi and allow you to control your lights from the Philips Hue app on your compatible mobile device. Adjust color and more while away from home as long as you have an Internet connection.

And that's not all. With geofencing, you can program Hue lights to come on when you're arriving home or to turn the colors of your favorite team when they win the big game. You can even have your lights gradually change color as the sun sets, react to the beat of your music or enhance your gaming experience.

With Philips Hue light products, decorating your home and expressing your creativity is easy, so get started and make your home just as imaginative as you.


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