School is officially back in session with distance learning as the new norm for many. As you and your kids get settled into online school, chances are you’ll need some additional tech to create a productive home learning environment. 

Laptops and devices for online school. 

To find the right tech and phones for your kids, think about their day-to-day needs and how they’re used to learning. They may need multiple devices (something some teachers suggest) to do video calls and other learning tasks at the same time. They could use a laptop for video calls while utilizing a tablet in tandem for research, or they may need a tablet to attend math class while using a phone as a calculator. 

Hotspots and Wi-Fi extenders. 

Distance learning might mean you’re at home with your kids. If that’s the case, you could be taxing your Wi-Fi router with lots of devices. Luckily, you can easily improve connectivity with a Wi-Fi extender or a hotspot

Computer accessories for convenience. 

To help ease the stress of new computer-based learning, consider a wireless mouse or stylus. You may also want to avoid overhearing lessons, which you can do by equipping your student with headphones with a mic. Having multiple durable chargers around the house is smart, too, just in case one is misplaced. And consider protective cases and screen protectors to help prevent wear and tear and help keep devices cleaner.

Keep reading for specific devices and accessories to help enhance your kid’s new at-home online school setup.

At-home learning tech.

From laptops and tablets to hotspots and smartphones, these 5 devices can help enhance the online school learning environment for kids of every age.

Laptops for support.

Find a device that’s compatible with educational programs used by your kid’s teacher, like a Chromebook, which is widely utilized in schools — and offers a lot at a great price.

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Versatile smartphones.

Connect with classmates, download learning apps, and more: the Galaxy A51 lets your student do it all with a long-lasting battery, ultra-fast 5G speeds (where available) and expanded storage, all at an affordable price.

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iPads as 2nd devices.

iPads make multi-device learning simple. Your 3rd grader can practice writing and your teen can take notes while video calling into class on another device.

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Apple Pencil for creativity.

Speaking of iPads, an Apple Pencil can be a great addition to your portfolio of Apple products. Your child can write, sketch and draw with ease.

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Hotspots to stay online.

If your Wi-Fi router is handling multiple kids on multiple devices, you may need extra support. A hotspot can do that from anywhere in your home or while on the go.

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